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Visma is a collection of entrepreneurial companies, each with their own start-up mentality, personality and leadership. All our companies have business autonomy and go-to-market freedom – a key ingredient to our success. This is how we make progress happen.


With our user friendly and simple solutions you give your elected representatives the best foundation for making better decisions in the public sector.

Beautiful apps for employees

Beautiful apps for employees

With our mobile apps, your employees have payslips in their pockets. They can easily create travel invoices, register hours, and check their hour balance with just a couple of clicks.

Connect with HR software

Needs for HR software? If HR functionalities are not built in, most popular HR software are seamlessly integrated. We work closely with our software partners to provide the best solution for your needs.

ePayslips in a minute

We built a paperless future and are forerunners in offering ePayslips in many countries. Smoother payday starts with a payslip in their mobile apps days before your employees get paid.

Best accounting offices

If you need a trusted partner to take care of the wages we got you covered. From our network, you can find an accounting office almost anywhere in Europe.

Automated payroll

Save time as most of your payroll processes run completely automatically. Reporting and transferring the required data to authorities can be automated.

Smart banking solutions

Enjoy the future of accounting with built-in company bank accounts and payment cards. Reduce friction and errors when everything is in one place.

100 % automated

Get everything synced automatically when you or your customers pay. No posting errors or manual work!

Never miss a receipt

Receive a notification to the mobile app to add a photo of the receipt after payment.

Your company card

Pay expenses with your company card and all transactions are synced to accounting in seconds.

Everything you need for invoicing

You don't need a separate invoicing software as we offer invoicing always in the same system. Create and send invoices and you'll always have a full overview of which customers have paid.

Save time with purchase invoices

Processing your purchase invoices is made fast. Receive directly to the same system and quickly get invoices checked with the help of automation.

Integrate your business apps

Work with connected apps and software to reach the operational excellence you deserve. We have hundreds of apps that are connected to our accounting software.

Work with the best advisors

We have a network of the best accounting offices around Europe. You can choose a trusted advisor who is certified to work with our accounting solutions.

Building the future for entrepreneurs

Smart Banking

We create banking connections and solutions that make your workdays easier and smoother.

Credit scoring

When you sell your services or products, we want you to have a full view of your customers' paying behaviour.

Financing and payments

We deliver services seamlessly connected to your selling and invoicing process to make money work for you faster.

Efficient automation

With automation and technology, we aim to remove manual work needed in your daily work.

Work smarter with our cloud ERP

Automate your business

Minimise the number of manual tasks and let people do what they do best. Free up resources with automated processing of invoices, approval flows, payments and reporting.

Create a connected experience

Our born-in-the-cloud platform is built to integrate with the way you work. We empower our customers organisations, by enabling a connected experience for suppliers, customers and employees.

Improved responsiveness thru partnership

We connect your business with open APIs. We improve the resilience by letting local market integrators and partners optimise the solution for your industry and your specific needs. That's what we call the power of the ecosystem.

Connecting. your business

Visma partners and apps adds local knowledge and cutting-edge technology

Move faster with Visma partners. Visma cooperates with over 120.000 accounting offices and implementation partners. We are connected to more than 200 softwares and apps.

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Visma is dedicated to creating strong relationships with partners to provide the best solutions in accounting, invoicing, logistics, e-commerce, payroll & HR.

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