Design vision

Empower people
through technology

Design vision

We believe we empower people greatly through technology. But how technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied. This is where design comes in. Design and the design process makes technology relevant by adapting it to peoples needs. Based on real customer and user insights. And with the help of our design system & process we strive to empower teams to focus on the right things.

Design gives shape, direction and meaning.

Design mission

Our design mission is to build and cultivate a customer-centric product organization who are empowered to deliver meaningful and easy to use solutions that turn customers into fans. We facilitate this process through the Design for Customer Success program and it’s four pillars; UX Best practices, Product Design, UX Studio and Advocacy & Community.

UX Best Practices

In UX Best Practices we work to promote ways of improving the quality of the user experience of Visma products. We do this by educating the organisation and recommending methods for teams to use throughout the development process.

Product Design System

In Product Design we work on continuously developing and maintaining the Visma Design System and Nordic Cool design language to empower teams in all divisions to strengthen the product identity of Visma products and manifest the Visma brand.

UX Studio

In UX Studio we work to increase the design competence of the product and business teams to ensure that we build the right things and can deliver our software with confidence. We do this to lower our technical debt and increase customer satisfaction.

Advocacy & Community

In Advocacy and Community we work to maintain a high community spirit by creating a welcoming, inclusive and supportive UX environment in Visma. We also brand Visma UX externally to increase visibility to attract talent and students.

Our design principles

In Visma we have a set of principles to guide us when we build products. These principles are meant to help us align, reduce arguments and guide us in our decision making process. The outcome of using them in our daily work should be clear priorities and focus on what matters.

We put people first

Knowing our customers and end-users ensures that we solve the right problems, plan for the unexpected and thereby create value.

We are co-creatives

Collaborating with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues empowers us to expand our perspective and create meaningful solutions throughout the customer journey.

We are consistent, not uniform

We use a sophisticated design language and the same design patterns when possible, as it helps people get familiar with our products and brand. We adapt to context and continuously evolve as user needs change.

How we work and create value

Working in an agile organisation like Visma, where we practice continuous delivery and have a strong focus on customer success, it’s more important than ever for us to ensure that we are delivering value to our customers and end-users. To empower teams to succeed with this, we have created the Visma UX Value Loop, which represents our recommended UX process for product development.

Visma UX Value Loop

The Nordic Cool ambiance

The Visma design language, Nordic Cool®, is best described as cool modernism. It associates with the classic values of renowned Nordic design: Bright, distinct, refined and reduced. When realized, or designed, Nordic Cool® manifests itself as still colors rather than hot, minimalist layout rather than busy, calm impressions rather than heated.

With Nordic Cool you set the Visma Ambiance that caters for a sophisticated, professional and cohesive customer experience. All visual design we do should resonate with the Nordic Cool ambiance.

The Nordic Cool visual design model

Our visual design model showcase the hierarchy of the actual design components you can and should use when building a product. We use it to clarify what design components you need to follow and what is more free to invent yourself.

Our goal with this model is to empower teams with a toolset that caters for establishing the Nordic Cool ambiance (the blue parts), a set of building blocks to quickly get started and avoid reinventing wheels but also to encourage diversification and the possibility to adapt the product design to the target group at hand (the green parts).

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