Showing is better than telling

These example products are meant to illustrate the width and flexibility of our product design language, Nordic Cool, with the goal of inspiring product development teams to create sophisticated and meaningful products.

Example products

Blue menu

Blue is Visma’s core brand colour. Together with the blue tinted background it sets the tone for the Visma ambiance. One can say that everything resonates with the blue. The blue colour also has a decorative purpose, and acts as a frame that grounds visually busy content such as dense grids and lists. The blue colour makes our administrative tools more inviting and comfortable to work with throughout long hours.

White menu

The white menu gives space to more colourful content. It is used in white labeled products and where the context allows for more images and illustrations.

Start page


Say hello to the two faces of Nordic Cool; Our classical Blue together with its sibling White. The ambiance of Nordic Cool springs from a bright and calm visual experience that uses blue as its core colour. In its classical form, that manifests itself with a blue horizontal menu, but many other visual components in the interface carry a tint of blue or use blue shades. Together, this constitutes the Visma ambiance. This can also be achieved without the traditional blue menu.

We offer these options to better cater for applications and services that are working with less administratively heavy tasks and have more visual content that should afford to be highlighted and given proper space and focus.

blue-menu white-menu

Go through the customer journey

So what is it like for our customers to move between touch points in our customer journey? Below you have the opportunity to experience it yourself through one of our many examples.

Accounting - Ad


Accounting - Social Media


Accounting - Website


Accounting - Sign-up


Accounting - Email


Accounting - Login


Accounting - Product


Easycruit - Ad


Easycruit - Website


Easycruit - Mobile


Easycruit - Email


Easycruit - Login


Easycruit - Product


Easycruit - Community


Nordic Cool 3 Demo portal

Still want to see Nordic Cool 3 examples? No problem. The NC3 Demo portal is still around.