NC4 Angular components

Welcome to the NC4 Angular UI Library

Provided and maintained by the Expense team in collaboration with volunteers and the Product Design team.

NC4 Angular component library


Well-tested and feature-rich Nordic Cool 4 Angular UI library that provides the best of all worlds: beautiful User Interface, straightforward User Experience, and great Developer Experience.

Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Angular UI Library - Storybook


Learn everything about the components using one clean, clear, structured documentation interface.


Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Angular UI Library - dark mode

Dark mode ready

All components supports dark mode out of the box.


Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Angular UI Library - NPM

NPM ready

Get the latest library version through global npm registry at @vismaux/ngx-nordic-cool


Visma ♥ DX

We’ve created an UI Library with Developer Experience as its core value. All of our components are customizable, easy to use, and intuitive.

Built for the modern web
Designed for consistency and usability, the UI Library helps you write reliable user interfaces.

Install using npm
Keep your Visma Front-end always up to date.

npm i @vismaux/ngx-nordic-cool

More detailed instructions can be found under GitHub or npm package.

Here’s the team

Rokas Brazdžionis - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Angular UI Library
Rokas Brazdžionis

Software Developer


Evaldas Stanelis - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Angular UI Library
Evaldas Stanelis

Software Developer


Found an issue? Need an improvement?

All issues and feature requests we expect to be registered under GitHub > Issues.
Other questions can be asked at #sig-web-library slack channel.

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