VUD Vue.js UI Library

Welcome to the VUD Vue.js UI Library

Provided and maintained by the ERP team in collaboration with the Product Design team.

NC4 VUE component library


We’ve created a well-tested, cutting-edge Vue.js UI Library that provides the best of all worlds: beautiful User Interface, straightforward User Experience, and great Developer Experience.


Learn everything about the components using one clean, clear, structured documentation interface.


VUD - Vue.js UI Library - Components

40+ Components

Use our large variety of enterprise-ready components such as navbar, datatable, and datepicker.



Devlivered through npm and based on the Web Library, our Nordic Cool 4 implementation is always up to date.


Visma ♥ DX

We’ve created an UI Library with Developer Experience as its core value. All of our components are customizable, easy to use, and intuitive.


Built for the modern web
Designed for consistency and usability, the UI Library helps you write reliable user interfaces.
Install using npm

Keep your Visma Front-end always up to date.

npm i @vismaux/vud-vue

Integrate with any framework
The UI Library integrates flawlessly with any Vue.js environment: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, or Gridsome.

Here’s the team

Alex Grozav - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Vue.js UI Library
Alex Grozav

Front-end Developer


Andrei Voicu - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Vue.js UI Library
Andrei Voicu

Front-end Developer


Lars Vatsendvik - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Vue.js UI Library
Lars Vatsendvik

Front-end Developer


Nicolae Socaciu - Visma Nordic Cool 4 - Vue.js UI Library
Nicolae Socaciu

UX Designer


What happens after you contact us?

Once you have contacted us, we reach out to learn more about your request.

We will create a task according to your specifications and assign a suitable developer who will follow up with you throughout the development process.

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