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Simplifying the way we design

As part of the Product Design toolkit, we are delivering a VUD design system toolkit with the goal of simplifying the way we design. Using the this toolkit enables everyone to visualise ideas and create and test prototypes in an efficient way.

In the VUD design system, you will find:

UI components in Figma

UI components and patterns

A continuously updated library with the most common UI components and patterns

icons and illustrations examples

Icons & Illustrations

A contiuously updated library with the common icons, pictograms and illustrations

screens examples


A DIY file with example screens to be used as inspiration and a foundation for new design

Intended use

In the VUD design system you will find a DIY design guide together with the VUD colour palette, the most common UI components and patterns, icons and illustrations.

The DIY guide is meant to give you an idea of how to create user interfaces using VUD. Building from that, you can download the toolkit files and/or request access to the libraries. Using the files will give you an overview of all the components, while using the libraries will give you an easy way to search for what you are looking for and simply dragging and dropping the components into your file. Using the libraries will also help you make sure that you are always using the latest version of the components. However, we recommend downloading the files in the beginning, as it can help you understand the variety of components that are available to you.

If you need design that is not covered in the library or find that you are missing a component, you can create a design request for the Product Design team.

DIY design guide

How to order design from the Product design team

Visual design is supplied for the most common UI elements, illustrations and icons in our libraries. These are what we call foundation and building blocks in the Nordic Cool visual design model. Using these assures high quality, AA compliance and getting well established design patterns for free.

If you need custom design for a specific context or find that something is missing, it can be ordered from the Product design team and created upon request. Requests are sent via Trello.

To make sure we deliver value to our customers and end-users, we recommend that custom requests are based on findings obtained by following the steps in the Visma UX Value Loop.

Identify and specify need

If you find, based on findings obtained from user research, that you need UI elements, icons or illustrations that you cannot find in our libraries, the product design team will make them upon request.

Iterative design process

Based on your specification and Nordic Cool, the designer will create design suggestions. Based on feedback, the designer will iterate the design until you and your customers are satisfied.


The approved design will be delivered to your project and ready for implementation. If it is of general interest, the design will be added to our libraries.

The Product design team

picture of Fredrik Fernberg
Fredrik Fernberg

UX & Creative Director


picture of Amanda Lundius Morck
Amanda Lundius Mörck

Corporate UX Manager


picture of Paul Popa
Paul Popa

Corporate Design Lead


picture of Cristina Iftode
Cristina Iftode

Front-end Lead


picture of Radu Dragos
Radu Dragoș

Senior Product Designer


picture of Liviu Ispasoiu
Liviu Ispășoiu

Senior Visual Designer


picture of Nicolae Socaciu
Nicolae Socaciu

Visual Designer


Narchie Batol
Calin Mohan-Bacila

UI designer


picture of Mihai Baciu
Mihai Baciu

Senior Front-end Developer


Responsibilities and offering

The Product design team owns the design language and system related to product design and UX. They:

  • Work as a design pool, creating designs in line with our visual design language
  • Continuously develop and maintain useful tools for the UX community and development teams to enable good execution on visual design for our products and services
  • Are responsible to package the tools and resources to empower teams to quickly execute on the Nordic Cool design language with high quality

What happens after you contact us?

Once you have contacted us, we will reach out to learn more about your request.

We will create a task according to your specifications and assign a suitable designer who will follow up with you throughout the design process. If you need other design expertise we might connect you with the UX Best Practices or UX Studio teams.

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