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We strongly believe that we are better together. Whether you are an intern or a senior designer, everyone has ideas, perspectives and passions. We are interested in yours.


We know the value of internships
That’s why we want you to join us

Are you, like us, passionate about solving problems and want to have a positive impact on society?

Whether you are interested in welfare, school or accounting (because who isn’t?), we have projects for you to join that impact the lives of thousands of people.

You are

  • A student within user experience design, interaction design, product design, service design, graphic design, digital design, business design, design research, content or another related field
  • A passionate, curious and empathic team player who is eager to learn
  • A problem solver who asks questions and has the drive to bring ideas to life
  • Fluent in English – other languages are a bonus!

We offer

The opportunity to work on real design projects, solving real problems for real people

Hands-on experience of all parts of the design process and a glimpse of how in-house design teams work

A design mentor who will support you throughout your project

A large, multi-cultured design community with 100+ designers eager to exchange knowledge and experiences with you

The possibility to join inspiration sessions and social events

Martin’s testimonial

“Why should you do an internship at Visma?

I think it’s a great way of putting your previous learnings into practice in a corporate environment, to learn to make design choices for real products and real users that are in need of great solutions, and last but not least, to have the opportunity to work side by side with very experienced designers.”

Previous intern projects


Mobile Expense – Enabling expense reporting on the go

During a period of 14 weeks, Amanda, an interaction design student from Malmö University, joined the Expense project to investigate if they should build a mobile version of their product.

During her internship, Amanda did:

Research with customers and stakeholders
Co-creation with design colleagues
Lofi and hifi prototypes
Usability testing with customers
Presentations for stakeholders

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EasyCruit – Communication for managers and applicants

During a period of 14 weeks, Martin, an interaction design student from Malmö University, worked with EasyCruit to improve the communication between applicants and hiring managers.

During his internship, Martin did:

Research with customers and internal stakeholders
Facilitated brainstorming
Lofi and hifi prototypes
Usability testing with customers
Presentations on different levels in the organisation

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Procurement KPI Dashboard – Visualising data and invoice flow for increased awareness

Jonna, interaction design student from Stockholm University, spent her internship at Visma Proceedo exploring possible use cases and requirements for a dashboard visualizing key usage flows and data.

During her internship, Jonna did:

Research with customers and internal stakeholders
Facilitated design workshops
Business impact- and user journey mapping
Iterated and tested prototypes with users
Presented her work on various levels in the organisation

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Multiple locations

Choose between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Spain.

All offices offer free coffee, great colleagues and a range of good and bad humour.


Fill out the quick apply form below! We’d like an idea of who you are and what you are passionate about, so please share your portfolio with us (if you have one) and your CV, LinkedIn profile or similar. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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