Nordic Cool 2 Icon library

You are looking at one of our old icon pages. To see all the icons we have, go to the icon library.

The six golden rules of icons

  1. Don’t use an icon if it isn’t obvious what it represents.
  2. The more icons you use the less usable the interface gets.
  3. The smaller the icon is, the lower usability and need of reduction of graphical complexity.
  4. To have good contrast between the icon and the background for better readability.
  5. The icon must include all the needed states – normal, mouse-over, pressed, active and disabled when relevant.
  6. Use tooltips for all icons.

Nordic Cool 3 web library icons

The web library comes with a collection of icons:
View the web library icons

Mobile icons

This is a small collection of icons for mobile use, based on what we have in some of our apps.
View the mobile icons

Visma logotype

The original Visma logotype consists of a red pie-like icon, together with a black text saying “Visma”. There are three different versions of Visma logotype for applications to use.

View the Visma logotype


Nordic Cool 2 icons

Nordic Cool 2 is deprecated and uses a different icon style. Only use the icons here if you are still using Nordic Cool 2.

Toolbar icons

Toolbar icons are used to provide quick shortcut access to common actions and commands.
View the toolbar icons

Web specific icons

Visma’s web applications use less icons than desktop applications. At the moment we have two types of web specific icons: Global icons, Header icons.

View the web specific icons

Work area icons

Both web and desktop applications use icons in the work area. These are designed to be used in different contexts e.g. in a grid, tree view, inside the work area, other.

View the work area icons

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