UX Days 2021

UX Days 2021

November 18 – 19

We are happy to welcome all members of Visma’s design community to the 2021 edition of Visma UX Days, which will take place online.


The great discovery phase

How we might speed it up without compromising quality

As designers, we know that a well executed and thorough discovery phase is crucial to succeed in creating value for our customers and end users. This year, our focus will be on how we might make the discovery phase more efficient, without necessarily compromising the quality, and how it can help us get buy-in from key stakeholders.


Thursday, November 18


Welcome to UX Days

with Amanda Lundius Mörck and Victoria Bondarchuk
30 min


Keynote: How to create value and success with customer involvement

with Thomas Visby Snitker, LEGO
60 min


Discussions in breakout rooms

30 min



30 min


Keynote: Design Sprints & Intuition

with Jake Knapp
60 min


Discussions in breakout rooms

30 min


End of day 1


After works via Airbnb

Friday, November 19


Welcome to the unConference

with Amanda Lundius Mörck and Victoria Bondarchuk
10 min


unConference session pitches

with session hosts
20 min


Session 1 (4 tracks)

45 min + 15 min break


Session 2 (4 tracks)

45 min + 15 min break


Session 3 (4 tracks)

45 min + 15 min break


Feedback session

with Amanda Lundius Mörck and Victoria Bondarchuk
30 min


End of UX Days



Welcoming Jake Knapp and Thomas Visby Snitker

We are excited to introduce two external speakers this year. First out, Thomas V. Snitker from Lego, who will talk to us about how we can create organizational commitment and success with customer involvement. Next out, the great creator of Google’s Design Sprint, Jake Knapp, who will talk to us about data vs. intuition in the discovery phase.

Break-out sessions

Group discussions to maximize learning

After each keynote we will have break-out sessions in smaller groups to discuss what we have learned from the talks. We will then meet back up in the larger group and ask a few groups to share their main takeaways.


Group discussions to maximize learning

If it’s not broken – don’t fix it! The unConference continues to be the part of UX Days that gets the best feedback, so of course it’s making a comeback! For any first-timers; an unConference is a participant-driven conference relying on the passion of the participants, where the agenda is created by you and the other participants. There will be more information about this, including a call for speakers, sent out separately.

After work

Airbnb magic!

Still being remote, we have once again chosen to organize our after work with lovely hosts from Airbnb Online Experiences. Like last year, there will be a few options to choose from, with limited seats:

Meet the speakers

Jake Knapp

Jake spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint process. He’s written two books, coached teams at places like Slack, LEGO, IDEO, and NASA on design strategy and time management, and has been a guest instructor at MIT and the Harvard Business School.

In his talk, Jake will focus on the use of data vs. intuition in the discovery phase, and share different cases with us.

Thomas Visby Snitker

Thomas works as a Senior User Research Manager at LEGO, and has experience working with renowned Danish universities, UXalliance and more.

In his talk, Thomas will share insights on how to create value, organizational commitment and space for customer involvement in design and development, and how to achieve success with customer involvement.

Meet the organisers

Amanda Lundius Mörck
Amanda Lundius Mörck

Head of UX

Victoria Bondarchuk
Victoria Bondarchuk

Director of User Insights

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