Web components

This is a collection of components from various teams in Visma. They are hosted here on the UX portal to collect them in a single location, and to make them more visible.

The teams making the components are the ones that are primarily responsible for maintaining and updating them. For bug reports, comments or feedback for the components listed here, contact the people listed for each component.



Are you missing your favourite component, or know just the thing we should include here? Great – we want to see additions too! Send us an email at ux@visma.com and we will get back to you.

See also the Components page in Confluence for information about the common assets components and more details about some of the components above.


What you can contribute

We are open for any contributions, but we especially like the following:

  1. Components we don’t have in the Web library or in the Web component library
  2. Existing components but in a different framework, for example a React date picker
  3. Patches and updates for any of the existing components

Any contributions are helpful, even if it’s just quick CSS to reskin or rebrand a third-party component to make it Nordic Cool. It is something that will benefit others in Visma. Sharing is caring 💖


How to contribute

This is what we need:

  1. Code, packaged for distribution
  2. Full source code
  3. Self contained demo page in HTML format
  4. A short description of the component and the technology it’s using

We can host the demo page here on ux.visma.com, or link to a server that you have if you prefer that.

The demo page can be included in the component package, see the Visma.net HRM Date picker for an example of how you can do this.

We can host your source code in Bitbucket, along with our other code if you wish.

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