Informative icons

Here you can find a longer list with informative icons that we have set up for you. If you don't find the desired icon go to the icon library. Only the icons posted on this page have predefinede classes.


  • vismaicon vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help


  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help


Standard small - .vismaicon-sm

  • vismaicon vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help

Dynamic small - .vismaicon-sm

  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-sm vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help

Standard large - .vismaicon-lg (available for informative icons only)

  • vismaicon vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help

Dynamic large - .vismaicon-lg (available for informative icons only)

  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-success
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-error
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-warning
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-info
  • vismaicon vismaicon-dynamic vismaicon-lg vismaicon-filled vismaicon-help