Our mission is to build and cultivate a customer-centric product organisation who are empowered to deliver meaningful and easy to use solutions that turn customers into fans.

Establish UX in Visma

Work towards establishing UX resources in every relevant part of the organisation. Obtain and withhold an appropriate design & UX ratio.

Cultivate UX in Visma

Cultivate the whole organisation through the Design for Customer Success model. These efforts should manifest themselves as increased UX maturity, and empower our colleagues to become more customer-centric.

Improve UX in Visma

Establish a mindset and way of work through the Visma UX Value loop, that encourages and rewards measurement & documentation of UX improvements.

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Release notes

Nordic Cool 4 Web Library (version 4.9.0)

August 23rd, 2021

  • Search functionality to look up the pages from the library
  • Favicons
  • Helper classes for spacings (margins and paddings)
  • Helper classes for: dividers, overflow, text
  • Drawers/Sliders
  • Pagination
  • Scroll for modals when they have longer content
  • Text panel for vertical stepper
  • Bug fixes for: alerts, forms, modals, steppers
Visma XD toolkit

Q2 2020

    • You are now able to download the

Visma XD toolkit!

  • NC4 DIY guide
  • NC4 Component & Pattern library
  • NC4 Icon & Illustration library
UX Guidelines

June, 2019


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