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What is life like as a designer in Visma? What is it like to be part of a design community with 170+ designers? These are some of the questions we hope to answer on this page. And who knows, maybe you are our new colleague?
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How it all started

We were not always the big community we are today. Our story started back in 2006 and it’s safe to say that a lot has happened since then!
The Visma HCI team was founded. The team included 3 designers with initial plan was to say ‘Yes!’ to all projects they could get their hands on
Doing well, Visma HCI quickly grew to 20 designers and becomes Visma UX. Following that, UX becomes a group function in Visma.
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We are proud to say that Visma UX has come to grow to 170+ designers. In addition, CX & UX is part of the Visma group OKRs and is seen as a key to success in product development.

These are our design principles

In Visma we have a set of principles to guide us when we build products. These principles are meant to help us align, reduce arguments and guide us in our decision making process. The outcome of using them in our daily work should be clear priorities and focus on what matters.

We put people first

Knowing our customers and end-users ensures that we solve the right problems, say the right things, plan for the unexpected and thereby create value.

We are co-creatives

Collaborating with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues empowers us to expand our perspective and create meaningful solutions throughout the customer journey.

We are mindful and flexible

We reuse design patterns when possible, as it helps our customers and end-users get familiar with our products. We adapt to product brands, context and continuously evolve as user needs change.

We like to learn from each other

Even though we are 170+ designers in Visma, we have managed to keep the threshold for sharing and getting support low. Here you can learn more about what we do to keep building a great culture in our design community.

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Yearly event

Visma UX Days

Visma UX Days is a yearly event where we invite the entire design community to two days of inspiration, knowledge sharing, trainings and fun, either on-site or online.
See what we have been up to previous years:
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Monthly event

UX Inspiration

UX Inspiration is a monthly online session where all designers are invited. The main purpose of these sessions is to share knowledge and showcase different project we are working on, with the goal of creating meaningful collaboration and learning opportunities.
UX Inspiration sessions are recorded and shared on our Space channel.
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Quarterly event

Design System Inspiration

DS Inspiration is a quarterly session for designers building design systems to share knowledge, tips and tricks.
Design System Inspiration sessions are hosted by Figma, recorded and shared on our Space channel
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During the year

Local activities

Our community is spread out in 15 countries. Why not connect locally? We have plenty of cool examples, like UX Breakfast club in Oslo, Stockholm UX Day, Design & Wine in Copenhagen, UX after work in Malmö and more.
Can’t find local events? Ask the community on Slack or start something.
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We offer a UX Buddy program

UX Buddies are our new designers first friends in our design community - someone to spar ideas with, learn from and get an extra pair of eyes on design from. On top of that, we offer the buddy program to designers who have been in Visma for a while, and are looking to grow. What’s cool to see, is that there’s always a buddy for those who ask.

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