New designer at Visma

Welcome to the team
We’re so happy you’re here!

Hello, new designer!

This platform is designed to provide you with an effective, smooth and delightful start.

We are not only supporting you digitally. You’ll have your manager and UX Buddy ready to answer all your questions. So whenever you miss something or don’t understand what e.g. “VCDM” means – just ask!

Before you start exploring, we recommend you to sign up for a UX Buddy, and we will connect you as soon as possible.

Sign up for a UX Buddy

Your first 90 days at Visma

This platform is meant to be a helpful tool and a collection of useful shortcuts. But your first 90 days at Visma is something more. This 90 day journey doesn’t end here. This is only the beginning!

Meet your manager, your team and your UX Buddy. Start exploring this site and have a look at the First Day checklist and the FAQ section.
Learn more about the Design community and start using the First Week checklist and at the end of the week, why not go for an afterwork with your colleagues?
Share some of your work on the UX inspiration meeting, and start using the First 90 days checklist.
Give us feedback on your onboarding experience in the Onboarding survey, discover your opportunities to grow at Visma with Development paths and discuss your goals with your manager.

What are UX Buddies all about?

Whether you were hired to a project or joined Visma via acquisition, we know that the first time in a new company can be overwhelming. To make sure you have a good start, we want to invite you to be part of our UX Buddy program.

Your UX Buddy is your go to person for everything design related and beyond. For example, your UX Buddy can introduce you to how we work with UX in Visma, get you going with our design language Nordic Cool, help you set up your tools, connect you with people or simply offer additional eyes and thoughts on design tasks.

By having a UX Buddy, our hope is that you will be integrated in the design community and Visma a little faster than if you had to do it all on your own.

Sign up for a UX Buddy

Checklists to get you started

We believe that structure enables creativity! That is why we’ve created three checklists so you have a path to follow. All activities are organized in a recommended order but you are free to choose your own.

First day checklist:

You and your team

Your first day is all about meeting your team and getting acquainted with your space and your project.

In this one day training you will learn:

  • Meet your manager
  • Sign up for a UX Buddy
  • Get an office tour
  • Get your key card
  • Meet your team
  • Meet your UX Buddy
  • Make your space yours
  • Have lunch with your team
  • Set up Slack
  • Get an introduction to your project
  • Explore New designer at Visma (you are here!)
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First week checklist:

You, your team and the
design community

Your first week at Visma is for you to connect with the design community and learn about how we work with design. And to celebrate your first week – why not go on an afterwork with your team?

In this one day training you will learn:

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First 90 days checklist:

Enjoy your journey

Your first 90 days at Visma are for you to explore your opportunities and become part of the design community. Own your journey. Good luck and remember to have fun on the way!

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Sign up for a UX Buddy

Further exploration

We know there’s a lot of things you are likely curious about. Below you will find more information about how we work with UX in Visma, find resources and tools you need to design and prototype, and some information about your fellow designers.

UX in Visma

UX in Visma

Learn about the UX Value Loop, UX Best practices and how we can support you and your team.

Learn more »

Resources and tools

Resources and tools

We support you and your team with libraries and toolkits. Learn all about how to use them here.

Checkout the resources and tools »

Design community

Design community

Get to know your fellow designers a better and learn what it’s like to work as a designer in Visma.


Everybody’s different, yet many of your UX colleagues have the same questions during their early days at Visma. We collected the most common ones here – answers included.

Think that some of your questions should be answered here as well? Let us know.

I need to purchase something for my desk. Is that OK?

Sure! Just ask your manager and go out and buy it.

What are the login credentials for the different tools, e.g. Confluence?

Have a look at the login cheat sheet.

Who do I ask for stuff the next days?

Your UX Buddy, manager and the design community on Slack.

How do I find the “Who’s who” for Visma?

Use the employee register VOM or ask your UX Buddy.

How do I connect with people here?

We recommend to use Slack.

What are the “hidden perks” of working here?

This may vary between companies. Ask your local HR for the Personnel Handbook.

I need a company credit card. How do I get it?

Email HR and they will guide you in the process.

Why is it called Visma?

The name comes from Visual Management.

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