We are happy to welcome all members of Visma’s design community 
to the 2023 edition of Visma UX Days, which will take place on 
March 23-24 and be a mix of on-site and online events.
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Product Discovery

Digital products are never done. Therefore, we need to make sure that we continue to deliver value to customers and users over time, outshining our competitors. It starts with modern product principles.

  • How do the best teams in tech build products?
  • How can we work to become more discovery driven in Visma?
  • What’s next in Product Discovery, and how will e.g. AI affect discovery?

These are some questions we will aim to answer together, with help from thought leaders and exciting group work.


Welcome to this year’s hybrid event

10:30 CET

60 min

Welcome to UX Days

Opening and mingle with Amanda Lundius and Teemu Heimala

11:30 CET

60 min


To be announced

12:30 CET

60 min

Lunch break


13:00 CET

2 hours


Onsite and online

18:00 CET

Dinner and drinks


10:00 CET

15 min

Welcome back

Opening with Amanda & Victoria

10:05 CET

1 hour

Who had the most fun?

Presentations and competition with Julie

10:30 CET

30 min

Keynote on Sustainability in Visma

Stina Wahlsten, Sustainability Manager

11:00 CET

30 min

Keynote on Inclusive Design

Julie Rasmussen, Accessibility Lead

11:30 CET

30 min

Keynote on Inclusion and Health

Thea Mesel, People Manager

12:00 CET

1 hour

Lunch break

Optional: Join a break-out room

13:00 CET

1 hour

Keynote on How we build more sustainable digital experiences

Thorsten Jonas, founder of SUX

14:00 CET

1 hour

Group discussion

With Amanda & Victoria

14:30 CET

30 min

End of UX Days

With Amanda & Victoria


Two days of collaboration and sharing

Even though we are 180+ designers in Visma, we have managed to keep the threshold for sharing and getting support low. Here you can learn more about what we do to keep building a great culture in our design community.

May 15, 18:00 CET

The What and Why of Continuous Discovery with Teresa Torres

Visma Talk and Preparation Assignment

We will learn how other successful tech companies build products with continuous discovery and product 
trios, get advice on how to make time for discovery, and
 learn about the next big things in product discovery.

In addition to the talk, UX Days attendees will be sent 
a small assignment to prepare for the workshop which
 takes place on the first day of the event, May 22nd.

May 22

External speaker and workshop

Hybrid Onsite and Online

We will hear from Dan Kindeborg at Hemnet on how 
they have worked with continuous discovery and 
product trios to make Hemnet the market leading 
real-estate service in Sweden, and how it has affected 
the company culture.

We will continue the day with a workshop where we will collaborate on discovery plans and collaboration for our work.

May 22

Dinner and drinks

For those staying the night, we have an optional dinner and drinks.

We have arranged for catering to the Copenhagen 
office, where we will enjoy the top floor and rooftop 
terrace. This is a great time to connect with colleagues, 
play some games and have fun over good food and 

Information and dietary preference will be
 sent out to all onsite attendees prior to the event.

May 23

Internal speakers


We will continue to learn about Discovery, hearing from
 Brian Ye in Product Analytics on how we can optimise 
our discovery, quickly going from data to insights. 

We will also hear from Martin Sommerseth in Resolve on using AI in product discovery. 

Last but not least, we will hear from Teemu Heimala in Product Discovery on how we can improve the way we work with product discovery in Visma, changing the culture in product development. Topics to be announced.


Meet the speakers

This year we have invited two internal speakers to talk about how we as designers can contribute to Visma’s mission to have a positive impact on society and how we as designers can contribute to Visma’s mission to become more sustainable.

Will be announced soon

Teresa Torres

External speaker

Will be announce soon

Teresa will talk about..

Will be announced soon

Dan Kindeborg

External speaker

Will be announce soon

Dan will talk about..

Brian Ye

Brian Ye

Director of Product Analytics in Visma Group

Brian will talk about..

Martin Sommerseth

Martin Sommerseth

Managing Director at Resolve

Martin will talk about..


Meet the organisers

As we are mixing online and local events, we have a few more organisers than usual who will help make this a memorable event. Check them out below and let us know if you have questions.

Amanda Lundius

Amanda Lundius

Director of User Experience in Visma Group
Dan Kindeborg

Teemu Heimala

Director of Product Discovery & Analytics in Visma Group

Local organisers

Jeroen de Groot

UX Designer, YouServe

Daan Nagtegaal

Design Lead, ProActive

Brûn van der Horst

Digital Designer, Connect

Julie Rasmussen

Accessibility Lead, Tech Hubs

Jess Rae Thomsen

UX Team Lead, e-conomic

Christina Freyhult

UX Lead,

Jyrki Turunen

UX Designer, Visma Enterprise

Hana Burianova

UX Designer, Visma Enterprise

Simo Annala

UX Designer, Visma Enterprise

Cecilie Campey

Director Customer Exp., Growth Hubs

Odd-Wiking Rahlff

Senior UX Designer,

Linnea Glimsdal

UX Designer, Visma Flyt

Simina Harla

UX Lead, Tech Hubs

Ionut Bradatan

UX Designer,

Nina Boljang

UX Lead, Proceedo

Sherry Fahimi

Product Designer, Visma Talent Solutions

Emelie Danninger

Digital Designer, Viskan

Johan Olofsson

UX Designer, Visma SPCS

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