Technology at Visma

Champions of mission-critical software

We build products that get the job done with an accessible user experience and advanced security.

Visma has over 1.4 million customers around Europe and Latin America that rely on us and our technology. We create smart and secure software that meets the goals of our customers.   

Highest security standards

To reach the highest security standards, we have developed the Visma Application Security Program (VASP) and Visma Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM).

By continuously improving these unique frameworks, we ensure that we deliver cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to customer needs.

Smart software for versatile users

Visma’s engineering culture

We have one of the largest tech and design communities in Europe – all sharing the same start-up mentality. We work together closely with our customers to deliver world-class software.

Engineering practices at Visma

With high capabilities in engineering, we can provide constantly improving, secure and quickly loading software for our customers around Europe.

Deliver improvements fast

We invest in engineering performance to improve our products quickly and often. Our continuous delivery model enables innovation and allows us to be agile. Testing, deployment, infrastructure automation, and many other areas are scaled near perfection to improve our users' daily work with our products.

Organising for scalability and better decisions

With the DevOps approach and practices, we aim for cross-functional autonomous teams with end-to-end responsibility. Teams with full and exclusive ownership of their code and infrastructure can react to user feedback, market needs, and other events very quickly.

Taking advantage of enabling technologies

The public cloud enables us to improve delivery and avoid dependencies. With the public cloud, we have more automation possibilities, which make it easier for a team or organization to manage their work.


Building products that
users and developers

We combined our insights from Europe’s largest network of SaaS companies to identify the drivers of a successful software product.

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