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UX Designer

A UX Designer has an overarching design role and often covers all parts of the design process. Hiring UX Designers is especially great for teams hiring their first designer and for small UX teams looking to grow.
UX Designer


A UX Designer has an overarching design role and often covers all parts of the design process. Hiring UX Designers is especially great for teams hiring their first designer and for small UX teams looking to grow. Once a team is big and mature enough, we encourage them to look into specialist roles.

UX Designers work closely with the entire product development team and can work as a strategic partner to UX Leads, Product Owners and Product Managers, providing input for the product vision and roadmap.

UX Designers are sometimes referred to as UX Engineers.

  • Plan and conduct user research, involving their team members and stakeholders in the process
  • Contribute to goal-setting
  • Contribute to setting up analytics and metrics focused on user experience
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Facilitate workshops and ideation for their team
  • Contribute to product vision and roadmap
  • Contribute to user stories
  • Map user journeys
  • Create wireframes and prototypes
  • Conduct usability testing, involving their team members and stakeholders in the process
  • Communicating findings and recommendations for improvements 
  • Hand over accessible design specifications to developers
  • Define accessible design patterns and reusable components to help make the implementation process more efficient
  • Grow UX maturity by sharing knowledge with their team, including them in the design process
  • Be a UX Buddy to a new UX Designer in Visma’s design community
  • Contribute to knowledge sharing and events in Visma’s design community

A Senior UX Designer does many of the same things a UX Designer does, but typically has more experience and more responsibility and is expected to take lead in certain projects. 

In addition to the role of UX Designer, Senior UX Designers:

  • Are expected to have a strategic mindset and think beyond immediate project requirements, understanding business goals, user needs and market trends, using that information in their design decisions.
  • Lead design projects and mentor mid-level and junior designers.
  • Contribute to defining design processes, research methodology, and maintaining design documentation.
  • Collaborate effectively with product teams, communicate design decisions and rationale clearly, and negotiate trade-offs between user needs, business goals, and technical constraints.
  • Plan and lead user research to develop user insights and actionable recommendations.
  • Measure the impact of UX work and increase UX maturity in teams.

A UX Lead is responsible for more than creating high-quality user experiences. They are expected to be leaders, strategists, collaborators, methodologists and mentors, working closely with product teams to create products that meet user needs and drive business value.

In addition to a Senior UX Designer, UX Leads

  • Lead and/or manage a team of UX Designers, UX Researchers, and Product Designers, providing guidance and feedback to ensure adherence to design standards and efficient progress towards shared goals.
  • Collaborate with product management to align UX initiatives with the product vision and roadmap, balancing user needs and business goals.
  • Develop and communicate the UX strategy for their product line by collaborating with Product Managers and product teams, aligning business objectives, user needs, and market trends to create a cohesive user experience vision.
  • Collaborate with product management and the design team to define and implement design processes, research methodology, and design documentation infrastructure.
  • Define and oversee UX metrics and empower the team to analyse data and provide actionable recommendations, measuring and presenting the impact of UX work and increasing UX maturity in teams.
  • Mentor and coach designers at all levels, providing feedback, setting goals and expectations, and guiding career development.

Specialization opportunities

UX Designer

  • Specialise in one of the proposed specialisation areas for UX Designers, e.g. Accessibility, Facilitation, Product Design, Product Analytics, UX Research or Front-end Development
  • Take on more responsibility and work towards becoming a Senior UX Designer
  • Consider moving into a closely related field, such as Service Design


Accessibility is usability for people who interact with products differently. Learn how to help teams approach accessibility.

Front-end Development

Learn how to translate UX and design work into code or simply how to best communicate and hand-over design specs to developers.


Learn how to enable others to reach their goals, promote team collaboration and encourage innovative problem solving.

Product Analytics

Setting clear goals and following up on the impact of UX improvements can help guide research and design efforts.

Product Design

Learn how to build and maintain a design system and become a master at translating findings to user-friendly interfaces.

UX Research

Learn more about how to run research project, avoid bias in usability testing and structure, build and maintain research repositories.


Here you will find everything from Slack channels where you can connect with the design community, to events, links and community support from the Hubs.

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Service Designer

A Service Designer addresses all touchpoints across the customer journey within a product line, including how the internal organisation works to deliver that customer journey.

Service Designer
UX Researcher

A UX Researcher is responsible for the discovery and evaluation aspects of the design process. They focus on uncovering and understanding user behaviours, goals and expectations.

UX Researcher
Product Designer

A Product Designer’s specialty is to translate user insights into attractive, easy-to-use user interface that customers and end-users want to use.

Product Designer
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